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JERRY BARBER(non-registered)
Elizabeth Bennett(non-registered)
Scott, what an absolute delight! I have gotten to know you a b it as businessman, husband, father, friend...I had NO IDEA about your photography. You are fabulous! I loved so many...the jumping dancers, the man with a cap, the antiques barn, the fruit,.more, more, more. Thank you so much for letting us in to a bit more of your life!
MARYLOU Henshaw(non-registered)
Being able to take a decent picture is an art. To have the subject not quite centered, interesting subject and background. Beautiful colors. Pictures from all over the world. Each picture put a smile on my face, and you've come to be quite an artist. Your love of motorcycles clearly shows through in your work, and it's even made me like them again. Job well done.
WOW...just love all these shots. Love the colors and emotions that come through each shot. Amazing talent.
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